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November 29th, 20003
This page is devoted to Reuion Information. Please contact the folks listed with the reunions for more details and reserve early.

The very best way to keep the Reunion Committee’s aware of your whereabouts is to REGISTER at the School. Then when ever there is a reunion it will be easy to find you.
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all schools, all years and it will be in the data base forever.

Class Reunion for Waterford Kettering 1982, November 29th, 2003. Spread the word.


Waterford Kettering 20 Year Class Reunion.
Saturday November 29th 2003
7:00 pm at
Overtyme Grill
Drop by just for a good time. We have to make up for that black out. When the evening festivities had to be cancelled.
Hey Thar, thats Colleen!!!

Appetizers, Buffet Dinner, Dessert,
DJ. Hall, Tax and Gratuities

  • Wendy Gibson (Trager) 248.620.0161
  • Corene Sebring (Dysarczk) 248.627.4503
  • Jenny Pieh (Allen) 248.922.0332
  • Colleen Peters (Ochoa) 248.745.1978

I wove you Jenny

WK Class of 83
Wendy doesn't even see me

WK Class of 83
6571 Willowbrook Drive
Clarkston, MI 48346
Corene thinks I'm cool, real cool, and tall too!

If you know of any of these Classmates and Friends (click here for a list) from the class of 1983 please pass on this invitation and let them know to contact Wendy Gibson (Trager) 248.620.0161
E-mail: bwgibson4@aol.com

Call and e-mail as many as you can please.

Yes! Yes I’ll be there! Mitch’s 2, ya I got it. 6665 Highland Rd., Waterford (M-59) Class Reunion for WKHS 1983

“I heard that Helen will be there so I am definitely going to be there on November 29th so she can see what she missed”

Who knows who may surprise you and show up at the 20th Year Class Reunion

Sing it from the roof tops that the reunion is on for November 29th, 2003

DJ Hall included! Does this mean I get to sing, sing sing. I have always wanted to be a singer, and this just may be my only chance. The Waterford Kettering Reunion for 1983 just may make me a star.

Can I be the Life of the Party like I was in school? I know just what to bring. I just can’t believe it has been 20 years. Seems like it was just 20 years ago to me!

I still have the same jock strap.

Proof of shots is not necessary

Shots are not necessary but your presence is. So pack up your bags and make sure you give it a shot for this year. WKHS Reunion for the Class of 1983 at Mitch’s II
6665 Highland Rd., Waterford (M-59)
see you there and tell your Friends and Classmates

I Love a party and I know I’ll be there. Can you tell other’s to come too, and let them know I’ll be there!.

John D voted most likely to be the Life of the Party any year

Let Wendy, Corene, Jenny and Colleen know if you can make it.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • Wendy Gibson (Trager) 248.620.0161
  • Corene Sebring (Dysarczk) 248.627.4503
  • Jenny Pieh (Allen) 248.922.0332
  • Colleen Peters (Ochoa) 248.745.1978

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